Saturday, December 16, 2006


The temperature is dropping (It'll be 41ºF out there by morning! Well, it's about as cold as it gets here, so we take note.) and now the butternut squash is finished becoming candied so the oven is no longer heating the place and the day's lounging clothes are starting to feel slightly chillier than the peak of comfort would allow, so I pull out the nice wide shall-like woolly scarf. It's very soft, the result of a trip to Italy (not mine, though). It provides a nice bit of warmth for the shoulders. It has a nice matching cap, too. It has a big hole where a moth must have been chewing.

The gloves that don't match, but I gather were added to complete the ensemble since my hands tend to hurt when they are cold, were the first to gain a hole and get sewn up. Now I have to patch up the scarf with a bit of thread. They've gone after the cashmere sweater too. They don't seem to find stuff in the camping gear stash, so the old recycled wool sweater is fine. Blasted beasties. They'll be chewing my hiking socks next.

So I need something to keep them at bay. Not that I think anything short of a real cedar box, air tight, will do it. Still, someone claimed the lavender "wands" they were making would do the trick. Couldn't hurt. So bugs, stay away from my scarf! This wool is so soft it is pleasant to bury the face into it! So back off!

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