Friday, December 08, 2006

It's time to talk about the nude in my bed... I mean art!

I think it may be suitably late to post this, so...

Ahem. Yes, our hero has murdered someone along the way, but it's sitting nekkid on the side of the bed that'll get the shops in trouble. Oh, wait, says here it's "just a shadow." Well... "What strange curves you have!"

Pointed out over and over again, but I must say it is done well in the article above. May even beat the bit in Last Action Hero where he can't say a "dirty word" after blowing up much stuff and leading a few to their Hollywood death because the movie is only rated PG-13. And the observation is even extended a little.

When is the older teen audience, most of whom have their own naughty bits of that particular flavor, get old enough to, well, see incidental naughty bits? Abstracted? In deep shadow?

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