Wednesday, December 13, 2006

That's all folks!

Guess I'm already all done writing. That certainly didn't take long. Although if I fiddled around with things I could make a post about The Prestige with huge spoilers. The "tagline" for that should be, "Nobody cares about the man in the box." For some reason IMDB doesn't think so. What else did I want to do? Well, I'll write about Finder some time too.

I bet leetle seester wants Absolute Sandman. But she already has Sandman. I've only got Brief Lives and the two Death collections. Leetle seester thinks there's no comic shops near her, but a list that must be over 10 years old (just going by the 626 area code on the shop related web site and the 818 area code on the list) shows that just 70 miles northwest on the interstate, there's an indie friendly shop or two. Now three, but only because one got a branch going. And just 100 miles east and a little south, there's a couple indie friendly shops that won't even charge sales tax. Not near? Okay, for more recent information, the Comic Shop Locator Service actually finds one of unknown quality right in her own city.

I really need to be actually finding the gifties, time is running out.

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