Monday, December 04, 2006


I read that one Tim Sale was "ghost painting" the images for the artist character on this new (well, not so new now) show Heroes. Well, that's interesting because I know who that is and that's half of my favorite Batman team. Lots of other people's favorite too. They're quite popular.

So I got hold of it and watched the first show. Which did not blow me away one bit. It didn't really strike my interest nor did it put me off, but had it meant remembering to watch the next week, I probably would never have seen another episode. Since I could watch the next one and still had some time, I went ahead and watched it too. It got better. By the fourth episode, it does really start to get good. Not knock your socks off, I want the DVD! good, but fun to watch at least once.

At the fourth episode, I also noticed the other half of my favorite Batman team. Jeph Loeb is apparently co-executive producer. Guess that means he's got a certain amount of creative control over the shows. I'll be watching where he and the rest of the creative forces take the show.

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