Tuesday, April 28, 2009

James Kochalka's The Sketchbook Diaries

These are a bit of fun, if not particularly informative on a life or interesting. It was meant to be informative to the author, but as he points out a few times, it isn't. There's really to many meta moments of wondering what to draw or a moment revealing that the last few days had a little bit more invention in them than usual to do so. He seems to focus on the moments of non sequitur, perhaps liking the moments of nonsense the best or perhaps his life is all nonsense. Even when there's some event going on like a vacation, the format of a single moment from each day (mostly, there was at least one set with the same date) does not lend itself well to any sort of story arcs and has certainly not been approached as such.

Still, I did find one comic to be particularly informative about an element in Magic Boy & Robot Elf.
This makes the pieces fall into place a little. Really.

It's also rather representative. They're actually all online here if anyone wants to see more.