Friday, December 01, 2006

Vrooom vrooooom go faaaast

Yeah... racing pedals. Racing pedals make the car go faster. Like the racing stripes on the D-50 Sport did. Well, actually, a couch could do more to get it going. But anyway... zooooom.

Then I could learn to really drive those curves. You know, like Takumi in Initial D. The 2 could become my Mount Akina. Is that what it was called? Doesn't matter, Tokyopop probably changed the name anyway. Initial D anime came to the states back when we thought laserdiscs were the best thing ever, and they've got the nerve to go changing names. In the second volume, no less. You're past the point of no return if you've already published a volume. You can't go changing names. And you should never leave your established fans thinking "who?" when people are talking about a major character. Oops, getting off topic.

So... zooooooom. Yeah. Ignoring for a moment that it's just an Echo engine powering it. Weak engines never bothered Takumi, anyway. Although I'd rather go uphill, downhill is not so easy to control. That's three pedals, got to be in control. Guess I'll never really drift. Dangerous, anyway.

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