Friday, December 15, 2006

Never forget

It has been known to happen that I find a manga I want to read but my illiteracy prevents it. One of those has been recently translated, so I finally got to read it!

夕凪の街 桜の国 (Yuunagi no machi, Sakura no kuni, translated to The Town of Evening Calm, the Country of Cherry Blossoms) is a snapshot of the life of one family in Hiroshima. The first part, the Town of Evening Calm, is set in 1955 as one woman tries to deal with the last of her demons of being a survivor. In the second part, the Country of Cherry Blossoms, visits her brother's family in 2004.

The story is elegant though sad. Certainly deserving its awards. Click on the link to see for yourself.

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veloracat said...

This can now be purchased (in English) from Last Gasp.