Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pulpatoon pilgrimagE

Pulpatoon Pilgrimage is a little book I picked up after trying to find out what other things Joel Priddy has written after reading the Free Comic Book Day offering The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom. So far as I can tell, this and some pieces in a couple anthologies is all there is and it is sometimes very hard to get hold of an anthology from Adhouse. There should be something called Redwald the Rooster, but I have never found it.

Just seen as artwork, the book is very simple. However, it is not just the panels but how they follow each other that is supposed to draw you to this book, and how they go together is exceptional. It's rather stunning how much story has been fit onto these few small pages.

Boldly, a world is created and populated with there characters on a journey. Each character is unique and the reason for each journey unfolds in dreams or memories as the ink fades, or in stories the characters tell as they journey. Multiple stories can be told at once, as is the nature of the beast of comics, and Priddy pulls this particular feat off with great skill.

Some stories are told in detail, others with great abstraction. They are all enjoyable. I'm very happy to have read this little book.

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