Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Breaking things!

Something smelled funny yesterday when all should have smelled of nitrogen gas. What does nitrogen smell like? Well, as it's 80% of the atmosphere, you're smelling it right now.

And my heater has infinite resistence. Whoops. Burn, baby, burn!

So now I'm looking for thermal glue. But not just any. It has to have thermal conductivity at 77K. And not crack and do bad things while getting there. And stick to the Kapton the flexible heater is made of. So I squeezed out some thermal paste meant for heat sinks and smeared it around evenly and hoped for the best.

So now I should go check on that second heater, make sure it's all working well instead of having infinite resistence too. But I feel sick and this batch of tangerines isn't as juicy as the last. I would feel so much better if the tangerines were properly juicy.

My life is so hard! But it's fun to get to play with actual equiptment in the lab again. Okay, calculations are fun too once they get around to working.

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