Sunday, January 21, 2007


These people with their current mood icons bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, make it stop bouncing! And all the rest of their tools to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, whim of the moment, whatever (there's plenty you can do on a blogspot, it just takes a little (too much) technical know-how) and want me to read all about it... don't actually post.

Maybe it's all "friend locked". Well... well... two can play that game! Not that I will, but I could!

Doesn't matter, I'm getting the hang of my RSS feed reader. Thinking I prefer the RSS to the atom feed, but everyone seems to have both, so I'm allowed. Used to just have The Beat and Comics Worth Reading and my cool artist blogs on there. Now I have a little separator and everyone's journal and the general comments feed for here. So I know what you are doing. And you aren't doing anything! But I'll know when you do finally get around to something.

Isn't technology grand? We can broadcast today's thought in the general hope that it might actually get to the people it is aimed at and completely forgo the part where we actually talk to each other! Ah, progress.


Margaret said...

You are correct that I don't do much interesting. And if I did, I would probably call or email you.

I notice you can even ad Google ad Sense to your blog. The vanity of it all. I named my blog something like ramblingmargaret before I notice this.

veloracat said...

Actaully, I have a grand total of six feeds on the RSS reader right now. Two of them have posted in the last month. Or the month before... Unless you count a New Year's Resolutions "meme" that seems to collect random words from your blog and ask you to do things that aren't exactly posible. I should add Sarah on now that I know her "name", but it still won't be up to 50%.

Yeah, you can do weird things like make money, provided you actually have an audience. Which means you probably won't, no matter how vain you are. I still find the process blogs some artists have done very interesting.