Thursday, January 18, 2007


This being sick thing is making me so tired. Not "Oh, it's 1 AM, I am so sleepy!" tired. Nothing useful like that. It's just that when I get to the top of the steps and then down into some seat for one of the job talks (apparently Chemistry needs a theory guy who doesn't qualify for senior citizen discounts), it seems to take half the talk for the ol' heart to slow down again. Now that's not right. I wonder if it's due to these strange cold meds. They're not the kind you can cook up into meth, you see. I would be happier with them if they had the yummy candy shell on them like the ones you have to ask the pharmacist for. If I had those, I'd know it was due to the strange cold meds.

I do seem to finally be getting a nice 8 hours of sleep, though. From 2 AM to 10 AM, to be sure, but it's sleep. Not to be frowned at.

Also, bread is yummy. Molasses and sugar to make it all sweet and oats to make it need more water than silly recipe says and cold to make it rise not so well as it should. Brrrr. It's 38F already and the early morning is still young. This winter seems colder than usual.

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