Friday, July 13, 2007

What's a Zuda?

Apparently DC wants to go into webcomics, and they're calling it "Zuda". For some reason the phrase "the YouTube of webcomics" keeps coming up in describing it. Seems to me that was probably KeenSpot and a few others, long before there was a YouTube.

They're holding a contest and eventually one lucky winner will get the opportunity to get paid for writing a webcomic, which usually you don't get. They'll also have to carry the site for the first month until there's a second winner, which seems a bit much. Hopefully the editors will take the opportunity to choose at least one other comic themselves, as they say they will from time to time. After all, DC doesn't actually have a ready built webcomic audience and plenty of their readers don't want anything to do with comics on a screen.

The facts aren't in yet for what the winner (and any chosen player) gives up to have that pay check. Being DC, they'll probably want some sort of control over the future of the creation. It may not be outright ownership of characters and worlds, but there will be control. So if you've only got one idea it probably shouldn't go into the contest. On the other hand, if you're a one-trick-pony, you probably aren't made for an industry that banks on creativity.

Given that there is no average webcomicer, the opportunity to draw something for a year getting paid could be success. For many, success isn't about money but notoriety and page hits.

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