Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Mozilla 2.0, may I have a word with you? Tabs were great, wonderful, and once you got over just putting the new ones at the end, even correctly ordered. Why do you want to go and break them?

See, here's the deal. When I click on a tab, that means I want to change to that window. I don't then want the tab to be selected. When I go do the arrow keys, the window is supposed to scroll, not change to the next or previous tab.

When I open up lots and lots of tabs, I want to see all of them. They're supposed to resize, not scroll off the side of the screen. What part of 50 to 250 pixels wide don't you understand? That doesn't mean always 250 pixels wide.

Now I have to go searching the web for how to fix things because I sure didn't find it just going through the settings GUI.

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