Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mister Blank

Mister Blank Exhaustive Collection by Christopher J. Hicks (who for some reason is only mentioned on the copyright page and on some notes in the back but not on the cover) is a most exceptional comic book. Every time I go back to it, I've forgotten that it's actually only black and white. There is no way someone pulled off that much contrast and character with a few bold lines and a bucket of black, but he does. In short, the art is nothing short of phenomenal.

But art isn't everything, there has to be a story! He delivers there too. A quick introduction to our everyman character Samuel Smith, his dead end job, and the love of his life, then a head first dive into action. Quite literally. Once started, this roller coaster ride keeps on rampaging for another 300+ pages of pure enjoyment.

Everyman Sam Smith has a boring but livable life. He has a great dog and a job that pays the bills but can't quite get to asking out his would-be girlfriend. One day after staying late he spots something that just doesn't seem right. No one else is around so if someone is going to do something about it, it is going to be him. So he does.

With the help of the woman he can't quite ask out, his clone made of secret goo, a mime and a few other great characters, he figures out what exactly is wrong and, well, does something about it. All while worrying if his dog is okay.

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