Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spider-man 3

I saw the first Spider-man movie in the theater because that's what the group decided to go out and see. It had moments, I guess, but overall wasn't great. It was generally the graphics which tended to not quite mesh with the real world around them. Meanwhile the swinging around on web always had a jarring, not-quite-in-tune-with-physics feel. I mean, aside from how he should be slamming into buildings. A pendulum doesn't quite move like that.

I wasn't looking forward to seeing the second, but eventually did. I can actually ignore the utterly wonky physics, occasionally without so much as a comment. Other than long moments of really flashy, wonky "physics", I don't remember much about this movie at all now. It didn't really encourage watching more movies.

Yet when a flatmate decided he had to rent the third one, curiosity drove me to actually watch it since it was there already. What an incredible mistake. This movie plunges to similar depths of bad as DeepStar Six, my usual marker for bad movies that aren't even fun to laugh at. This is a movie written for twelve-year-olds and no one else. It's a bit violent for the younger set and even a twelve-year-old is getting a bit too sophisticated for this.

I think it was the crowd scenes that really did it in for me. The carnival of happy cheering people celebrating their vigilante was bad enough, but every big fight also draws a crowd. A crowd that doesn't seem to sense any danger from falling objects as some costumed fellows fight it out with various thrown weapons above them, commonly taking out chunks of brick. In fact, this gathered crowd seems simply overjoyed when it comes to fights that involve improperly secured vehicles dangling above their heads. And, oh, Mary Jane might die! Bonus!

Are we supposed to see the crowd and get carried away with feeling good because they apparently feel good? They're all nuts.

Meanwhile, only one brief bit of really flashy and totally absurd "physics".

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