Monday, January 21, 2008

Lots of elephants and other great critters

Here's something to enjoy: Pascal Campoin's art blog.

He makes simple look so easy. Well, I say simple, but he really takes the time to populate the piece of world he draws for so many of these sketches. Today's post is an exquisite example of this, although usually there are not quite so many characters as today. Still, even if the subject is a new pet, he doesn't forget that cities are full of buildings. Not only that, but there's an overall organization to those buildings and they can't simply be slapped on willy-nilly. He doesn't forget that forests have trees, and behind those trees, more trees. Even the simple, reflective sketches communicate an ephemeral character to the moment they capture, so it's no surprise that he can come up with such fun moments of action. There's even occasional animations, usually for Christmas or the New Year but sometimes just because like that one.

(For each link, be sure to click on the thumbnail to get the big picture and be sure your browser isn't shrinking it to fit, too.)

I am feeling like my posts have been negative lately and this is something on my blog roll the last few months that I look forward to seeing new posts on.

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