Friday, February 02, 2007

Mushishi -- the begining

Mushishi came out Wednesday and I picked it up Thursday. Not sure how prestigious this prestige format really is. Mostly it's just got cover flaps. There are no color pages, but the original only contained color as a solid blue background for lighter blue writing on the title page. One set of pages clearly originally contained color in the magazine but were not reprinted with color. I would have liked to see that righted with this publication, but it wasn't. The next book has two stories that start with color pages. They better do it right!

I do so love Urushibara's watercolors. Although I'd forgotten how much her art has grown over the years that she has been doing this manga. At one every two months, this book of five stories is nearly a full year of work. (And we get the next one in just three months' time!)

Next, to actually read my treasure. It's only been since late June 2004 that I started looking forward to every prospect of seeing more of this series.

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