Friday, September 14, 2012


 There's the anti-HERO, the one who is imperfect and brooding, but in the end, heroic, and then there's the ANTI-hero, the one who may have done something heroic, but it is a side effect of some decidedly unheroic motivation.  I seem to be happy with the first, but not the second.  The hero here is decidedly the second.

Had I read this as issues, I doubt I'd have gotten past the second.  Our protagonist manages to masquerade as someone else to have sex with a woman he works with just a few pages in.  Yep, rape.  How endearing.  Then there's a bit of heroing for his own twisted unheroic reasons that actually gets a bit boring.  Superpowered guy beating up random street thugs.  Meh.

But I have six issues in a cover in my hands, so it doesn't end there.  Luckily, that is all just introductory stuff.  The story does pick up into something far more interesting and ultimately moves him along the scale toward the first, the anti-HERO.  Likely not enough for my own tastes, but not everything has to be written for me.

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