Friday, May 23, 2008

*Sniff* There is no Mushishi 4 for me. Even if I didn't believe it would really be out just 3 months after the last that took so long, it really was edited and printed and sent out on time. It seems the weak link in this chain is the distributor who sent out a grand total of one to the comic shop instead of what they actually ordered. And since they're a veritable monopoly, they don't seem to feel like fixing it as soon as possible like a normal business would. By next Wednesday. Hopefully.

Instead I got to look at "the world's longest comic" because the locals were out hawking their wares. Okay, it isn't what comes up if you search on that phrase even though it does have a web page. Still, it is quite impressive sitting there with its wild aspect ratio at 17 inches long and only 2.5 inches high. It's also very cute on the inside.

Here it is, Frank and Frank. It's a delight in the wild. More Frank and Frank here.

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