Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My first minis

What a wonderful source who will remain nameless. From that same source as the last post come my very first actual mini comics. "First taste is free," says the source. And what a taste!

Yes, it is a collection from some folk at Partyka, including the fish I was ogling probably around June (there at the bottom, but click the link for a few pages). There's just something fascinating about fish that I like to watch. This one has a little quirk in the way it's drawn and my heart just melts.

The first two there are postcards, not minis. Next along is The Monkey and the Crab by Shawn Cheng and Sara Edward-Corbett. I believe at least one mutual friend would fall in love with it just for the binding. It adapts a folktale of a war between a monkey and a crab and is ever so tragic.

Next along is Your Karate Vacation by Matt Wiegle, which is eight pages of, as advertised, advice about your karate vacation. Fast and fun.

Then at the bottom, Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten also by Matt Wiegle. A fish tale for every day of the week. Or is that a fishy tale? Also fast paced and packed with fun. That fish sure is a sneaky character.

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