Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Masterplan

No, not my master plan. Obscurity is still the first defense against plans thwarted, so I won't me mentioning mine. This is the book The Masterplan by Scott Mills which is part of my Top Shelf sale loot.

This is the story of how one man plans to save the universe from its eventual cold death. He will even get to see the results of his plan due to a series of fortuitous events. However, since very little happened beyond the bare bones action, it is difficult to say anything descriptive that isn't a spoiler.

The pacing of this comic is very slow. This could go unnoticed if the art were mesmerising, but it isn't. Whole pages are given over to some magnificent scene or other, but it never exceeds the detail of a thumbnail sketch. And the shapes of the people... when the action calls for running, the people put their best foot forward for a power walk. The expressions they wear are virtually unchanging, but that is all the level of detail and accuracy of line can achieve.

Also, the science is very silly. This isn't often noted in science fiction, but it does claim to be "in the grand tradition of" a list including Stephen Hawking on the back.

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