Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Crippling Depression

We try not to think too hard about what it says about an institution that the best comic drawn by members of the student body is called Crippling Depression. That PHD guy doesn't count, he was already doing that before he got here.

Now that the web site is back, we can relive every strip. Many of the jokes can be understood by anyone at a tech school with a Ratio. A few more can be understood by those at the right tech school, and a little more if under the right reign. To get almost all the jokes you probably had to be a in their circle of friends going to Caltech under Baltimore's reign. Ultimately the audience was just the three guys doing it, but the rest could get something out of it too.

Now they are graduated and after rotating out one guy, they've gone from working for Arby's coupons to working for free with a new comic called Pass Fail Studios. They've also changed their content to increase their audience. Now instead of making fun of particular professors, classes, TAs, and "traditions" they are making fun of "mainstream" superheros. According to their interview with the California Tech (pg. 5), this means the audience now includes "the three guys working at Comics Factory". That may be so, but the rest will probably get something out of it too.

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